Collaboration between scientists and healthcare professionals is crucial for developing effective and safe treatments. By actively engaging with these stakeholders, Dewinzar Pharmaceutical can ensure that its scientific endeavors align with real-world medical needs and deliver meaningful solutions.


Our vision is to globalize, harmonize and simplify medicine manufacturing processes to achieve a sustainable quality culture.


Our CSR initiatives are geared towards assisting and supporting underserved and needy communities. Health, education, access to clean water, and sanitation are among our top priorities.

Our Vision, Our Passion

To help patients achieve optimal health outcomes by delivering personalized and professional pharmaceutical care in a friendly and convenient environment.

Core Values

Through passion and commitment, we are striving to improve health through our culture, which is about not just what we do but also how we do it.

Our aim is to become a world-leading provider of generic and biopharmaceuticals, working to improve the lives of individuals around the globe.

Dewinzar Pharmaceutical is committed to providing high-quality medicines to hundreds of people every day in a responsible and ethical manner, enabling us to sustain our operations and maintain access to treatments for those who require them for years to come.

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At Dewinzar, we are driven by a simple mission: to improve the health and wellbeing of patients around the world. We strive to provide everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, with access to quality medicines including those that manage diseases, fight infections and enhance overall health. Since our founding, healthcare providers and the individuals they serve have come to rely on us for reliable generic and innovative products. Our expansive portfolio now spans multiple products—among the promising pharmaceutical company in India—prompting families across multiple states to benefit from our medicines daily. We remain dedicated to advancing medicine through research and development of generic drugs as well as biopharmaceuticals—building on more than a century’s worth of innovation towards helping humanity live healthier lives. This embodies both our corporate values as well as how we approach medicine going forward.
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